Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management Professional

Webricks Flow is one of our most successful products which is used widely by the e-Commerce and Teleshopping industry to automate their Distribution or Supply Chain Management. Webricks Flow has helped our customers tremendously to cut down their operational costs and has reduced a lot of complexities of manual management of the supply chain. The product is very well accustomed to industry requirements, hence there are very little customizations, very less deployment time and very high scalability.

Key Features

Sourcing And Purchasing

When it comes to suppliers, Webricks Flow makes the decision making very easy and informed. It provides in-depth analysis for buying trends as well as vendor performance. With Webricks Flow, you can improve price negotiations and attain better vendor relationships.

Sales Order Processing

Webricks Flow provides for fully automated process to minimize cumbersome and error-prone data entry. It eliminates the need for re-work due to mistakes, and accelerates sales order processing and fulfilment.

Financial Management

Invoicing, general ledger, accounts receivable and accounts payable - all in one place with easy to use User Interface.

Inventory Management

Webricks Flow provides for real-time monitoring of the Stock Levels of the vendors, distributers and your ware houses. Just so that you may not get into any hassle of non-fulfilment of customer requirements which may negatively impact your business. Furthermore, it also eliminates the chances of acquiring more than the required inventory.

Customer Relationship Management

Launching of campaigns, reviewing inactive clients, managing leads, improving customer relationship - all facilitated through Webricks Flow.

Delivery Scheduling and Tracking

Another important aspect of the e-Commerce and teleshopping business is the tracking and timely delivery of the shipments. Webricks Flow has all the necessary tools required to track the status of the shipments. Hence, coordination of deliveries across the country becomes hassle free. Happy Customers - Happy You!