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We all have witnessed how mobile apps have changed the whole world. Right from connectivity to utility to entertainment to marketing, mobile applications have taken over quite a large market share from old conventional methods. In a study which included 1.3 billion mobile devices worldwide, conducted in March 2014, it was found out that an average user spends almost 2 hours and 19 minutes per day on mobile apps. Well, this number is only going to grow until some other technology in the future takes over from mobile phones (Obviously, we are good enough to keep up with all the new developments). Right now, the time is right to capitalise on this massive usage.


At Webricks, we have a dedicated team of Mobile Developers - Mobricks. This team has only one task - bring freshness to the mobile world with cool UIs and excellent functionalities. The team is experienced enough to understand your needs and come up with strikingly effective suggestions and integrations. This team is capable enough to work on all sorts of existing technology integrations. Also, with every application developed, we provide you with an admin panel for facilitating updates and lots and lots of analytics. Visit our portfolio to have a look at the awesomeness of this team.

We have gained enough expertise to work on the following core and cross platforms -

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Symbian
  • Microsoft Silverlight
  • XNA for Windows Phone
  • Adobe Air
  • Titanium
  • JavaME
  • HTML5
  • Webworks
Don't wait, get in touch with Mobricks if -

  • You have a great idea to launch a product but don't have a development team you can bank on
  • You own a company and you want to get a business application developed for mobile and tablet usage
  • You're looking to publicise your product on other mobile applications
  • You own a company but don't have an idea how we can help you (let us surprise you!)