Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management

Humans cannot be considered as Capital! Human talent has no boundaries. Gone are the days, when a company's physical resources or the customers were considered its most valuable assets. Today, a company's talent pool - employees are its single most important asset which needs to be looked after in a more effective and efficient manner. If utilized in the most efficient way, your human talent pool can work wonders. Also, with the changing corporate scenario, companies cannot afford to neglect its workforce and find it increasingly difficult to recognize and retain its high performing employees.

We, at Webricks Innovations Pvt Ltd are committed to help you in managing your talent pool by providing you with the web based human resource cum talent management software which is tailor made to your requirements.

Talent Cook - the flagship HRM application is the next generation employee life-cycle management tool. Right from recruitment to induction to performance management to succession planning, it helps you automate your HR tasks. It includes features like online test for recruitment, training and development, performance management, salary, attendance and time tracking, leave management and other tools to maximize your employee performance. As raw food needs to be cooked, raw talent needs to be properly polished and Talent Cook proves to be the most helpful application for the same.

Following are some of the basic features of Talent Cook


Dashboard provides an easy access to all the employees to keep them updated and informed of all the current activities in the organization.

Recruitment Management

Talent Cook, includes a features which enables the HR department to conduct test on-line, evaluate the test papers and make hiring decisions.

Training and Development

It includes trainee details like duration of training, training title, feedback remarks to keep consolidated information for future use.

Payroll Management

Allows the company to make salary calculation using financial records of their bonuses and deductions to basic salary in a quick and easy way.

Time Management

It provides an accurate attendance and time tracking solution to get the most out of your employees.

Performance Management and Succession Planning

The most important task crucial for efficient operations is the performance review of the workforce as well as putting the talent to the best possible use. With Talent Cook analytics, you can easily formulate a process to review the performance and plan accordingly.