Financial Management

corporate financial management

Reports about the challenges and risks finance managers face today aren't news to you—you live them every day. You need financial management solutions that reduce costs; shorten process cycle times; deliver timely, actionable financial Webricksmation; enforce global financial standards and controls; and improve business transparency.

Solve your company's financial management problems with Webricks Financial Management solutions. They're powerful, configure to your business needs, and implement quickly, without disrupting your operations. So you get rapid payback and quick results. More than 20,000 customers in over 170 countries reach their financial goals with the help of Webricks Financial Management (FMS) solutions, and so can you.

Key Features

End-to-End Accounting

Financial management software systems streamline and enhance all basic administrative financial processes from start to finish, such as accounts payable, accounts receivable, cash flow management, purchasing, payroll, and general ledgers.

Worldwide Financial Process

Support for multiple currencies and conversions, languages, country-specific laws and guidelines, and multi-national transactions – to better coordinate activities that span multiple departments and business units, and improve the execution and management of all financial tasks across all global locations.

Planning and Forecasting

Companies who utilize financial management software solutions have a dramatically enhanced ability to leverage historical data to predict future financial activities such as trends and patterns in income, revenues, and expenses. Additionally, a financial management software system can allow an organization to understand how certain potential scenarios, such as market conditions, acquisitions, or the additional of new business units, can impact its financial status. This makes strategic planning more accurate and successful.

Cash Flow Management and Tracking

Tracking income as it is recognized by disparate departments and business units, and monitoring how funds are spent across various divisions and locations, is faster, easier, and more accurate with a financial management software package. By streamlining consolidations, allocations, budgets, and other cash flow management tasks and activities across an entire enterprise, financial management software delivers a complete, unhindered, real-time view of cash flow status, as well as all related transactions.

Reporting and Analysis

The ability to rapidly generate thorough, consistent, and highly accurate balance sheets, profit and loss statements, budget allocations, and other important financial reports is a key feature of today’s most popular financial management software applications. Many financial management software packages also provide in-depth ad hoc analysis capabilities, so financial professionals can easily create custom reports to satisfy their own unique information needs