Customized Application Development

Custom Applications Company

Are you relying too much on manual efforts for the basic tasks of your organization? Tired of endless customizations on the existing software products? Bored of the ancient looking UI of any existing software used by your organization?

Webricks Innovations can prove to be a Messiah to liberate you from these situations. We at Webricks have worked with almost all the commercial sectors to build applications which have proved to be very useful and user friendly at the same time. Even if you hail from a new emerging business sector, we would love to hear about the complexities you face in your office and demolish them.

We follow a strict process when it comes to development of any custom application for our customers. We take all the measures to define the requirements and make novel and useful suggestions right from the start. We keep our customers in loop so that they are aware of the whole development process - right from design prototypes to finished product. Furthermore, delivery time is of utmost importance to us as we simply hate to see our clients suffer at their workplaces for another day!


  • Proven process for defining and managing requirements
  • Cool and experienced Project Managers, with expertise across various domains and technologies, able to understand requirements and constraints and to design innovative solutions
  • Successful track record of 4 years delivering more than 200 Customized Application to companies ranging from small businesses to companies serving Fortune 500 companies
  • Quick service after the deployment and minimum turn-around time