Corporate Performance Management (CPM)

Performance Management Consulting

These days, companies struggle a lot to logically and meaningfully interpret their business data. Logically analysing the sales or operations data can do wonders for any company. There are lots and lots of success stories of companies which have meaningfully analysed their figures from sales and operations and have come up with innovative approaches to run their business.

We at Webricks Analytics team have an expertise in gathering and streamlining your data for management and statutory purposes. We have the right tools in place to share it with everyone who needs it. Our analytics engine has a proven record of - correctly estimating and improving sales figures, reducing operations cost, HR succession planning, IT resource planning and many more!

Key Features

Data Collection

With the ability to connect to any Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) -compliant source system, Webricks can easily collect data from your sales or accounts databases and incorporate accurate data in your budgeting, planning, and reporting processes—leading to an effective sales or operations performance management process.

Business Intelligence and Predictive Analytics

Utilizing Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) technology, Webricks creates multiple model dimensions, meeting various business needs. Webricks Analytics team works towards generating Business Intelligence as well as Predictive Analytics. Business Intelligence is about descriptive analysis which identifies areas of over and under performance. For example - geographic regions, product types, customers, partners, campaigns and several other business dimensions. By virtue of Predictive Analytics we can predict future outcomes by studying hidden patterns in data using mathematical models. Both of these techniques help our customers take informed business decisions.

What-if analysis

Webricks' Innovative and exhaustive What-if approach answers all the questions related to taking business decisions. We compare all the possible business decisions on the basis of their outcomes and suggest the best possible one with a detailed What-if analysis.


Confused about the sales and expenses forecasts for the new year? We can help you out in forecasting these for your company by studying your past performance and comparing it with the present market conditions. Forecasting these figures is essential for setting targets for the year.