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An average mind worries about 7,25,31,294 things in a lifetime! Don't let software worries add to it!

Incentives are awesome. A crm that your sales team will love.

custom web application

The future starts today, not tomorrow.

Your School, Your Process, Your rules.An online school management system that adapts to the system and process of your institution. Manage Courses and Batches,Human Resources,Student Attendance,Timetable,Examination,Admissions,News,School/Event Calendar,Finance,Employee/Teacher Login,Student/Parent Login,Messaging System,SMS Alerts


Workstations used to be tied to a mainframe. Now they are conversing with the cloud.

Cloud computing helps enterprises transform business and technology. With Webricks’s enterprise class cloud computing capabilities, you have the trusted partner to help you assess cloud readiness, develop adoption strategies and identify business entry points.

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A seller needs a thousand products of one buyer eye.

E-commerce is the holy grail of retail. More than 2,00,000 business chose e-commerce a powerful, flexible and cost-effective business solution.Overcome Geographical Limitations,Gain New Customers With Search Engine Visibility, Lower Costs, Locate the Product Quicker, Eliminate Travel Time and Cost, Provide Comparison Shopping,Enable Deals, Bargains, Coupons, and Group Buying, Provide Abundant Information to customers via one common web application.

Customized Application Development

Because Mobile Apps are the most affordable and effective way to reach out to customers these days.

Market's speeding up and its time when you speed up too. Accessing mobile phones is a lot easier than computers. The market audience now needs to make orders not only from the comfort of their homes but from the palm of their hands through their mobile handset. The business world should now prioritize to target the mobile handset audience. It differentiates you from your competition,Creates deeper engagement,Drives more loyalty,Puts your branding on your customers phones,Delivers important feedback to your company,Creates new revenue stream and ultimately more profits,Enables easy sharing of your content between mobile users,Reduces costs to your business through automation,Attracts new customers,Improves customer service

HTC One X great review from anandtech

A private employee in the morning and a tutor in the evening.

Automate your HR process to maximize your most important asset—your people. Employees touch every aspect of your business. It's time your human resource management system supported all your employee interactions. From recruitment to retirement, from stable economies to rapidly changing environments, you need to track, manage, and analyze employee programs, policies, and cost. With Webricks HRM solutions, you know you have the right tools to manage every aspect of your human capital needs.

Corporate Performance Management

We all love to work. To have it organized is more productive. Get organized, apply protocols. Control everything in your organization.

Software that can help a group work together despite being spread out in different geographical locations. There are a lot of solutions that can help, ranging from from Web conferencing and email discussion lists to project management tools and online communities, all in one simple workspace.

supply chain management analyst

Real time business in a tuned supply chain management.

Build an arsenal of the right tools to trim your costs, boost your operational efficiency, and help you make better and faster decisions. Webricks Distribution software gives you just that—out of the box, with no costly customizations or long deployments. They're flexible and scalable, so you can add capabilities at your own pace.Get the flexibility you need to quickly and affordably adapt to market changes, capitalise on new opportunities, and improve perfect order rates. Our solutions can help you strengthen your relationships with suppliers, customers, and contract manufacturers around the world

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Everything is designed. Few things are designed well.

We ensure your web solution to achieve its objectives, our team of web marketing strategists, creative web designers and skilled web programmers work together to deliver an attractive, technology-rich solution that is built to meet your sales and marketing goals.

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Stop fighting fires and focus on your most important customers

Growing your business doesn't have to be difficult or expensive.The sales track software can help you take your customer relationship management and sales management to new levels of success and improve your levels of client retention as well.


The length of a document defends it against the risk of its being read.

Paper is a needless expense. Printer maintenance, ink and storage space consume time and money. Fortunately, you can make significant cuts to these costs without making major changes to your business. Document management software gives you the tools to organize, edit and distribute the important contracts and proposal that sit in your filing cabinets.


If you count all your inventory, you always show a profit.

When inventory is constantly on the go through your business — and so are you — it only makes sense to have an inventory management system in place that is mobile as well. Not only can these apps be more affordable than full-fledged management software, it’s good to know they can keep up with the speed of your business as well.

Optimized Business is a Progressive One!

Recent years have shaped the economic landscape dramatically. Battle for customers has become tougher, complexity of business models has increased, and the amount of information produced has increased significantly. These circumstances bring companies to business process optimization.

Solutions are the most instrumented, interconnected and intelligent systems

Is your information aligned with your business objectives? Do you understand how information can best be applied in situations that are unique to your industry? Webricks's Information Agenda approach and Business Analytics and Optimisation Strategy Services can help you achieve your industry-specific business objectives faster.
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